Exam Booster is our first product to be launched in the US. Exam Booster is an easy to use web-application that helps students prepare for and get better results on their math exams.

Each part of the exam is divided into topics with thorough solutions to every question. Students can also run each test without feedback to see their final score for each part.

A survey run amongst our Norwegian users told us that 86% of the users have improved their math-skills using our product.

Exam Booster is based on the Common Core Standards

Woohoo Math is our complete learning-system based on our own experience from the Norwegian educational system. Woohoo Math (Basic Matte) is currently avalible in Norway. We realized early that in order to teach our students mathematics, they have to know the basics. Woohoo Math is for those who want help to improve their mathematical skills step-by-step.

Woohoo Math provides the user with a fast and effective tool for learning math anytime, anywhere.

Woohoo Math – An effective way to learn.

Step by Step

One of  Woohoo Math’s most important features is the ability to teach you theory step-by-step. It is hard to understand new theory when you do not understand the previous one! The system takes you through theory and uses control questions and tests.

Theory based curriculum

With Woohoo Math  you get access to a wide range of theory within your curriculum. Woohoo Math will be based on the Common Core curriculum.

Adaptive question

Woohoo Math wants you to understand the theory you just learned. Therefore, Woohoo Math uses control questions along the way to ensure that you understand the theory correctly!

Web-based e-learning

Woohoo Math is Norway’s only full-featured web-based e-learning within mathematics! Woohoo Math gives you the opportunity to learn anytime and anywhere!

Interactive exams

To test your math skills, we’ve created Norway’s first interactive exams in math. This, combined with our step-by-step approach, makes Woohoo Math the ideal web app for exam preparation. This module made the fundation for our Exam Booster product.

Several types of questions

Woohoo Math is not only a way to learn mathematics. Woohoo Math uses a wide range of different types of exercises so that you as a student will be enabled to master a challenging subject!

Woohoo Math for individuals

Here at The Woohoo Company, we are keen to provide first-rate and affordable e-learning solutions for individuals and schools. With Woohoo Math,  we enable users to improve their math skills anytime, anywhere. It is important for us that learning should be available and updated with the latest in pedagogy.

The world is rapidly changing and many of the jobs that exist today will not be around 10 years from now. We wish to prepare today’s young people for a future with a contantly changeing job marked. By increasing math skills through the use of Woohoo Math, we are helping to form the new future.

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Woohoo Math for schools

Woohoo Math is also offered for schools through a licensed school version. Thus, schools are provided with a system that has the latest in e-learning and a Personal Learning Environment (PLE). The combination of our step-by-step approach, self-learning algorithms and AI motivates the user and helps them build up a solid understanding of the fundamental principals.

Our system allows teachers to have complete control over the students’ progress and results, thus enabling differentiated learning.

A product for the global market.

Many western countries are struggling with declining results in mathematics. Effective tools for math education are therefore in demand in the global market place. Woohoo Math will be the first curriculum based e-learning system, helping to improve math skills world-wide.