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The Woohoo Company is a development company focused on delivering the best in education technology. The company has taken the step into the rapidly expanding Educational Technology (EdTech) industry.

We are now looking for good partners that can be part of the team to prepare today’s generation for tomorrow’s jobs. We would like to get in touch with investors and contractors who share our vision – we look forward to hearing from you!

A rapidly growing industry with an average annual growth of 5.0%, and still rising.

The e-learning market accounts for NOK 700 billion invested in the global market, where K-12 accounts for 50% of the market.

Natural Science education is an important initiative for the current Norwegian government and a lot of money is dedicated this purpose.

EdTech in rapid growth.

EdTech is the use of technology to improve learning. EdTech is today a rapidly expanding industry, and consists of over 60 companies in Norway. In total, there are over 140 million users of Norwegian EdTech worldwide. In only one year, the market has increased with over 100 million users. See the graph.

Other Scandinavian countries are often associated with SaaS (Software as a Service), games and health technology. Norway, however, has struggled to find its place, but is now at the forefront of the EdTech industry and gaining considerable recognition worldwide. Kahoot is one of the major Norwegian EdTech companies, and in the United States, more than 10% of all K-12 teachers use Kahoot in education.

In recent years, large amounts of money have been invested in the global EdTech industry. From 2010 to 2014, investments increased by more than 500%, according to the analyst CB Insights, and by 2015, the industry reached a new investment peak.

  • 2015
  • 2016

E-Learning market.

E-learning is an important part of the EdTech industry. It is still common for e-learning to occur on PC / Mac, but we see a trend towards increased use of mobile devices in today’s market. With e-learning, students can decide when and where they want to learn. It provides a freedom that was not possible before. In addition, it is easier to engage students through tools they already use in their everyday life.

The e-learning market is spread over several segments. The Woohoo Company has focused on the K-12 segment (kindergarten to grade 12). ,. K-12 is not only the most important segment within the e-learning market, but also the largest – with a 50% market share.

  • K-12
  • Post Secondary
  • Corporate & Government Learning
  • Other

Positive development.

Lots of money is used in the Education sector, which is the third largest single market behind defense and health. The global education sector accounts for 36,000 billion NOK, of which the global e-learning market accounts for almost 700 billion NOK.

E-learning is a strongly expanding industry and an annual growth rate of 5% is expected until 2023 in step with the current rate of digitalization.


Weak results.

In Norway, we have seen declining results in mathematics in recent years. In 2015, 69% of the students received grade 3 or lower in the 10th grade mathematics exam. This means that 69% of students can not be teachers, economists, engineers or doctors. There is a growing need in Norway to improve the math skills among young people. Preparing today’s generation for tomorrow’s jobs requires understanding mathematics. Most of the jobs we have today will not be around in 20 years, so mathematical knowledge must be improved to handle this development.

Norway is not the only country witnessing declining results in mathematics. Many other countries are struggling with the same problem. The United States, like Norway, has pointed out that mathematics is one of its biggest educational challenges.

The PISA-test.

The PISA test is an international project conducted under the auspices of the OECD. The PISA test examines the skills of 15-year-olds in mathematics, science and reading in their native language. The test is conducted every three years and the main focus alternates between the three subject areas. The first PISA test was conducted in 2000, and the last test with published results is from 2012.

In mathematics, Norwegian 15-year-olds score just below the PISA-test average, but ahead of the United States and Sweden. There are several Western countries that have seen a declining trend in recent years and have taken measures to counteract the negative trend. Woohoo Math is one of the solutions for improving math skills.

# Ranking Country
2 Singapore
9 Switzerland
12 Finland
13 Canada
19 Australia
20 Irland
22 Denmark
23 New Zealand
26 United Kingdom
30 Norway
36 United States
38 Sweden

The Solution.

The Future of e-learning is here, and the future is The Woohoo Company. Our core product will boost your kids’ exam results with its intuitive learning and quick response, based on Common Core math. The name as you might have guessed “Exam Booster”. The system is developed in-house and consists of our proprietary “step-by-step” system and adaptive learning. Exam Booster will be available for grade 6 through 8 in the US market and will be rapidly developed for the whole school system. We will deliver the best solution of boosting math exam results and we will be The leader of Exam Boosting.

If you share the same faith in e-learning, and its future, you may be the perfect investor to participate in our ongoing process.

Users first.

Technology is constantly changing and upgrades take place at a rate we have never seen before. Therefore, users place high demands on products and services, and this leads to a more user-oriented interface on The Woohoo Company’s products.

We continuously improve our products, most importantly through feedback from users to our developer team. The time from feedback to an updated product is constantly being reduced.

In order to maintain high competitiveness and good results, we emphasize user orientation and continuous improvement.

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