Who are we?

The Woohoo Company is a development company focused on delivering the best in education technology. The company has taken the step into the rapidly expanding Educational Technology (EdTech) industry, one of the key factors for educating today’s generation for tomorrow’s jobs. With almost 30 years of experience in education and e-learning, we are well equipped to take the company into the future.

Our vision

The Woohoo Company will prepare present and future generations for tomorrow’s jobs by providing effective and complete e-learning systems for K-12 (Kindergarten – Grade 12).

Main goal

  • Become market leader in e-learning for mathematics.

  • Develop effective EdTech for K-12.

  • Deliver our products internationally.

  • Give back to the community.

  • Increase awareness about the natural sciences.

Our values

It is important for us to provide the best solutions for our users.

We want our users to experience us as being professional and innovative.

We want to increase the knowledge of our users and create value for the company.

We aim  to find solutions to today’s challenges and create added value for our users.

Future-oriented development.

The Woohoo Company focuses on being in front. We achieve this by continuously looking for new and effective educational methods and focusing  on our user interface to meet trends and ensure the educational message. In addition, it is extremely important for our developers to offer users the best and most effective products.

Marketing in the digital age.

We have long experience from both traditional and modern marketing. It is important for us to create good communication channels with our users. In today’s market, it is important to be visible on social media. Over time, we have built a strong social media following, with whom we actively interact. In addition, we can easily customize our marketing to our various customer groups.

In order to be in the front of SoMe we have our own specialists and consultants. We are also continuously looking for the next big social media channel.


We have seen a declining trend in math skills among today’s youth. We are genuinely keen to be able to turn this trend around. We will achieve this by delivering the best and most effective e-learning tool for mathematics. In addition, we will also focus on other important subject areas that are relevant for today’s young people, so they can gain access to the jobs of the future.



The Woohoo Company has almost 30 years of experience in education through our former ITC Borskolen business. During those years, we have trained more than 6000 people in the petroleum industry, and with this experience we are well-equipped to develop a well-functioning product that works both pedagogically and technologically.

E-learning since 1987.

The Woohoo Company developed its first e-learning lesson in 1987, created in DOS. Since then, technology and pedagogy have evolved, but due to our experience, we can offer forward-looking e-learning. We are proud to apply our nearly 30 years of experience in offering our students the most effective training.

Technological basis.


PetroTrainer is possibly the world’s largest and most comprehensive e-learning system developed for the petroleum industry. The development of the system began in 1988, and since then it has been constantly updated with the latest in petroleum technology.
The system is adapted for use in the effective education of personnel in the petroleum industry. PetroTrainer is tailor-made for and adaptable to web-based education modules.

Andre produkter.

In 1990, we started the development of Basic Math 1.0. The program was a part of the early stage of PetroTrainer.

In 1991, we started developing the world’s first well planning program, PFAS. PFAS was sold to many major oil companies, including BP, Chevron and Norsk Hydro. The last license of PFAS was sold in 2004.

In 1993, we started the development of Triax Solver, a rock mechanics software. Later, this became a part of PFAS.

In 2005, we started the development of ITC Min Side, a web-based school management system to run an effective school with many students, few employees and many educated teachers. The product was put into service in 2006. The system made it possible to operate a school with over 300 students, a staff of only four and numerous contract teachers.